2015 I.R.P. Winner’s Announced! —Part 4

by Mark Edwards, Chair, A.I.M. Scientific Advisory Board

The Algae Industry Magazine’s 2015 International Readers’ Poll recognizes the best in our industry, as recognized by our AIM readers. This fourth of five posts begins with winners in the Algae Microfarm category. Few initiatives offer the prospect of transforming society to create more successful farmers and healthier food. Algae microfarms present a phenomenal opportunity for a new generation of food, feed, fertilizer, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical and medical products producers.

Over the past 30 years, large farms have grown algae for food, feed and fuels for thousands of useful products. Now an era of microfarms is emerging. Algae microfarms can empower people to grow healthy food in their own community for food security and self-sufficiency. Microfarms are the lifeblood of the algae industry, as they serve as the small business start-ups creating jobs, training and innovation.

See the winners in these categories:

  • Algae Microfarm
  • Algae Cultivation Facility
  • Algae Business