Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) has announced the addition of Onavita™ algal DHA powder to its line of omega-3 product solutions. The new omega-3 powder is part of ADM’s expanding portfolio of health and wellness ingredients, including probiotics, vitamins, botanical extracts, and nutritional oils.
Omega-3s are vital for proper cell function and credited with powerful benefits for the brain and body, including cognitive development, and heart and eye health in every stage of life for humans. ALA is the essential omega-3 which must be obtained through diet, since it is not produced by the body. DHA is derived from ALA in the body, but scientific experts believe dietary consumption of DHA is also important.

Onavita algal DHA powder can be used in a wide variety of dietary supplements and fortified food products – such as nutritional bars and powdered beverages – and provide vegan and allergen-free labeling options for food, beverage and supplement developers.

“Today’s health-conscious consumer is driving demand for functional products that support their personal health and wellness goals,” said Jen Hogan, business manager, ADM Nutritional Oils. That’s why we’re excited to expand our product line of high-quality, sustainably sourced omega-3 ingredients to include another option for product developers who are seeking ingredients that help support cognitive, heart and eye health.”