The Technical Standards Committee of the Algae Biomass Organization (ABO) has released version 6.0 of their Industrial Algae Measurements guidance document, which recommends minimum descriptive parameters and measurement methodologies required to fully characterize the economic and environmental inputs and outputs of an aquatic biomass operation. Voluntary adoption of uniform language and methodologies will, says the ABO committee, accelerate industry growth and unify research.

The Industrial Algae Measurements 6.0 recommendations contained within this document are intended to be useful in characterizing a broad range of aquatic production operations.

The ABO is primarily focused on the production of eukaryotic algae (both macro and micro) and cyanobacteria (blue-green algae). However, the cultivation of alternative aquatic crops such as duckweed or other photosynthetic organisms will also benefit from the information provided in this document because many of the environmental inputs and outputs are common.

The language and methodology recommendations in this document will also serve heterotrophic algal cultivation, algal-bacterial binary systems and multi-trophic systems that employ higher organisms to harvest or otherwise enhance value.

ABO Technical Standards Committee authors of this document are:

Dr. Lieve Laurens – Committee Chair, Algal Research Scientist, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Keith Cooksey – Committee Co-Chair, Environmental Biotechnology Consultants, Professor Emeritus, Montana State University; and ABO Board Member

Jim Sears, New Product Development, Boulder Labs Inc., Former ABO Committee Chair and CTO, A2BE Carbon Capture LLC.

Dr. Rose Ann Cattolico, Professor of Algal Biology, University of Washington

Dr. Mark Edwards, Professor, Arizona State University Morrison School of Agribusiness and Resource Management, Vice President at Algae Biosciences Inc.

Steve Howell, President and founder of MARC-IV, Chairman of the ASTM task force on biodiesel standards

Adonis Neblett, Attorney, Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Dr. Robert McCormick, Principal Engineer, Fuels Performance, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Dr. Philip Pienkos, Applied Sciences Group Manager, National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Gina Clapper, Technical Specialists, AOCS American Oil Chemists Society

Pat Ahlm, Assistant Director, Government and Regulatory Affairs at Algenol Biofuels Inc.

Additional Reviewers: Amha Belay, Earthrise Nutritionals; Greg Sower, ENVIRON IntI.; Tryg Lundquist, California Polytechnic; William Hiscox, WSU Pullman; and ABO Board of Directors representing: Matrix Genetics, BioProcess Algae LLC, Algaedyne Corporation, Accelergy Corporation, MicroBio Engineering, Inc., The Boeing Company, General Atomics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, FedEx Express, Los Alamos National Laboratory, UOP/Honeywell, Fredrikson & Byron Law, Algenol Biofuels, Inc., Sapphire Energy, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati, Environmental Biotechnology Consultants, Ron Pate representing Sandia National Labs and James Collett representing Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.